Monday, January 10, 2011

The health track.

So, after a wonderful four day spell of Betty's Best Burgers, Nathan's Famous Hotdogs, BWW, and homemade BBQ with blueberry pie for dessert, I have decided to get back on my healthy track. I refuse to call this a diet because I don't really see anything wrong with what I chose to eat for dinner the past few nights, simply because I made healthy choices during the day. However, since "healthy" food is more expensive, I've found myself skimping on the brightly colored fruits and veggies I've grown up loving. A giant $3.99 bag of baby carrot sticks has rejuvenated my spirit. A few crunchy bites and a successfully healthy shopping trip, I left Publix with a small bottle of olive oil, a head of garlic, a lemon, some medicine, my giant bag of carrots, and a box of go along with my lemon-garlic chicken recipe and steamed broccoli.

It's not that I want to be a health nut all the time, but I've been lazy. And after biting into the carrot stick, I realized that cooked carrots in a can of soup just won't cut it for me anymore. The freshness of something so simple heightened my senses and brought me right back into the world of cooking that I momentarily stepped out of. Tonight I'm sure people will be snacking on chips and dip for the BCS Championship, but I'll be sipping on my milk and chowing down on a homemade meal that is already making me drool.